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Intelligent Talent Acquisition for DOD, Aerospace, and Engineering Companies

Professional engineers and business leaders alike understand firsthand that hiring new talent can mean costly delays, unnecessary onboarding expenditures, and mismatched skillsets.

Legacy onboarding practices and antiquated hiring tech have been plaguing companies large and small for years. Why? Simply because it’s the way that it’s always been done.

Here are a few examples of the situations that oftentimes result from outdated hiring practices:

  • Missed deadlines by not having personnel with the requisite skillset
  • Lost contract opportunities resulting from manning gaps
  • Overspending on full-time employees only needed for one project

Even when the right people are finally discovered, countless hours of training and company onboarding can significantly delay their ability to make meaningful contributions.

In turn, business leaders are forced to take last-minute decisions, potentially compromising entire projects in the process. A more streamlined approach to filling these positions was never an option for these leaders, until now.

This Process is NOW Revolutionized!

Until now, companies were forced into one of three processes to onboard critical personnel: rely on word-of-mouth, use hit-or-miss online keyword searches using unreliable recruiting programs, or train in-house personnel.

Each option comes with significant downsides, including unproven skillsets, lengthy sorting processes, long lead times, and more.

Worse yet, management oftentimes find full-time employees with nothing to do upon project completion, yet are still being paid.

Integrity-EDS will soon present an advanced platform that answers these concerns specifically geared toward high-tech engineering companies and businesses. This innovative program:

  • Grants access to highly skilled talent on a job-by-job basis
  • Quickly enables teams to complete projects by hiring the optimal talent
  • Enables companies to scale without capital and time-intensive hiring
  • Maximizes accessibility on trips through mobile and desktop compatibility

Whether you are looking to take on a project larger that your current team can handle, fill missing skillsets required for you program, unexpected manning shortfall for any reason, or complete an existing project that became more complex than was originally anticipated, Integrity-EDS program provides flexible solutions for forward-leaning teams.

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In doing so, you will gain an unprecedented edge against your competitors through a streamlined workflow, reduced overhead and faster turnaround times. By integrating our platform, you will simultaneously improve your organizations’ program outcomes.

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