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Boeing manager discusses COVID impacts on aerospace industry


Numbers have been significantly down, but optimism remains high for Boeing.

Ryan Tomasich, the aerospace giant’s government operations manager, joined the Mercer Island Chamber of Commerce on Jan. 14 for an online presentation on how the pandemic has impacted the Puget Sound company and the entire industry and how they’ll strive to weather the storm.

Has COVID-19 changed the aerospace industry forever?


The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted society and ordinary citizens on a scale not seen since the Second World War. Whole continents have been paralyzed, economies have been shut down, and civil rights have been restricted in an effort to fight the virus. One aspect of this society-wide shock has been the deep impact the pandemic is having on industries such as aerospace.

Where Does the Defense Production Act Go from Here?


The Defense Production Act, though regularly used before the pandemic, has been invoked more broadly and urgently since March. The Trump administration put the 70-year-old law to work in various ways: prioritizing U.S. government orders for N95 masks, directing companies to produce ventilators, and most recently, aiming to rebuild industrial capacity related to public health. The Biden administration should build on these efforts — and work to strengthen sections of the DPA that hinder its broader use.

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