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Amazon Web Services sees role as technology enabler for space industry


“AWS is moving into space in a very big way,” said Clinton Crosier, director of aerospace and satellite solutions. WASHINGTON — Amazon Web Services is keeping its sights on the space sector. The cloud computing giant provides ground infrastructure for companies to process and analyze data from satellites, and is now looking to attract new customers by offering more customized services such as cloud-based satellite operations and mission control.

How will the DoD’s next multibillion-dollar IT contract fare after messy JEDI deal?


Consider these two quotes about two contracts the Department of Defense says are key to modernizing networks and advancing its computing power: “The war fighter is absolutely waiting for this.” “It is one of the crown jewels that we have as part of our IT reform.”

Boeing manager discusses COVID impacts on aerospace industry


Numbers have been significantly down, but optimism remains high for Boeing.

Ryan Tomasich, the aerospace giant’s government operations manager, joined the Mercer Island Chamber of Commerce on Jan. 14 for an online presentation on how the pandemic has impacted the Puget Sound company and the entire industry and how they’ll strive to weather the storm.

Houston, we are trying to fix the problem: Aerospace challenges and future exploration


If there is anything that goes hand in hand so perfectly, it's Houston and Space. Houston is home to the Johnson Space Center, named after former president Lyndon B. Johnson, and is home to revolutionary space research projects and spaceflight training for both crew members and flight controllers. While it's every kid's dream to become an astronaut, have you ever wondered why rocket science is actually so difficult?

Deputy Defense Secretary Sees Challenges, Opportunities for DOD


Kathleen H. Hicks has been in her job just over a month, but this doesn't mean she is a rookie. Hicks began working in the Pentagon in 1993. No one needs to tell her how to get from the "E-ring" of the massive building to the "A-ring."

What’s Trending in Aerospace – January 17, 2021


Check out the Jan. 17 edition of What's Trending in Aerospace, where editors and contributors for Avionics International bring you some of the latest headlines and updates happening across the global aerospace industry.

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